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Dog Grooming

Pamper your furry friend with Oak Grove Kennel's Dog Grooming services.

From a quick nail trim to a luxurious full groom complete with a haircut, bath, brush, and nail trim, our expert team caters to all grooming needs.

Watch as your pup transforms into a picture-perfect pooch, exuding confidence and charm after our professional grooming session.

Give your dog the love and attention they deserve. Contact us today to schedule their next grooming appointment!

Services Available

Dog being shampooed

Bath & Brush

  • Includes Nail Clipping, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning & Foot Trim/Shave.

  • Optional nail polish available.

  • Discover our essential Bath & Brush service, offering a comprehensive wash and rinse followed by a gentle hand brushing session for your pet's coat. It's the fundamental grooming experience that leaves your furry friend feeling fresh, clean, and looking their best

Prices start at:

  • Small Dog / Short Hair: $40

  • Small Dog / Long Hair: $50

  • Medium Dog / Short Hair: $55

  • Medium Dog / Long Hair: $60

  • Large Dog / Short Hair: $65

  • Large Dog / Long Hair: $75

  • Extra Large Dog: $85

Full Service Grooming

  • Includes Nail Clipping, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, Foot Trim/Shave & Overall Haircut/Shave.

  • Optional nail polish available.

  •  Our Grooming package is a comprehensive grooming session tailored for your pup's best look and feel. This service includes a thorough wash and rinse, gentle hand brushing for a lustrous coat, meticulous nail trimming, ear cleaning for hygiene, careful gland expression, and a haircut to fit their specific needs. It's more than a grooming session; it's a tailored spa treatment for your furry companion's ultimate comfort and cleanliness.

Dog receiving a haircut with scissors and a comb

Prices start at:

  • Small Dog: $55

  • Medium Dog: $65

  • Large Dog: $75

  • Extra Large Dog: $95


Doggie Pedicure

  • Includes nail trimming, foot shave and optional nail polish in a variety of colors.

Prices start at $25

Nail Trim

  • Professional nail trimming to keep your best friend’s toes comfortable on any surface.

Prices start at $15

Small dog getting its nails clipped.

Availability & Booking

For more information on our services or to book your grooming appointment,
call us during business hours.

(503) 838-6286
Ask us about our 10% discount for seniors, veterans, and first responders.

Grooming Facilities

Picture of our grooming facilities
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