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Dog sleeping in a bed with stuffed animal

Welcome to the ultimate pet paradise at Oak Grove Kennel! Our accommodations aren't just spaces; they're cozy retreats where tails wag with delight.

With indoor lounges fit for royalty and outdoor playgrounds that'd make any pup's tail spin, your furry family members get to pick their perfect staycation spot.

Whether they're in the mood for a cozy nap indoors or a romp in the sunshine, our kennels cater to every whim. Rest assured, our dedicated team ensures a perfect balance between R&R and playtime, making sure every tail gets its wag and every bark sings a happy tune.

It's not just boarding; it's a vacation tailor-made for your pets!

We have accommodations for 47 dogs and 10 cats.


Keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best with Oak Grove Kennel's Dog Bath & Brush service.

Available services range from a simple nail trim to a full groom that includes a haircut, bath, brush and nail trim.

Our professional team will ensure your pup is looking and feeling their best after our relaxing and rejuvenating service. Contact us now to give your dog the pampering they deserve.

Dog in bathtub with rubber ducky.
Dog wearing sunglasses in drivers seat of a car.


Let us be your pet's chauffeur!

With our concierge service, our staff turns pet transportation into a tail-wagging adventure.

Picture this: your furry friend gets the red carpet treatment right from your doorstep to their grooming appointment and back home again—all in the comfort of our pet-friendly wheels.

Our team isn't just about rides; we're about making sure your pet arrives in style, stress-free, and ready to show off their post-grooming glow.

Say goodbye to the hassle of traffic or timing woes; we've got the route all mapped out for a smooth ride and a happy reunion back at home.

It's a 'pawsitively' convenient way to ensure your pet's day is filled with nothing but smiles and wags!

Photos From Oak Grove Kennel

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